Fall time for Football time for Fairs and Festivals

Fall is the time for many fairs and festivals and other events from September and October and even November. With many weekends filled with events in McDowell county and several other area counties near and far, there is something for all ages to do. Rather it a hayride, or carnival or music and entertainment and foods, there is something for all. Then there the fall sports season with High School Football every Friday night from late August to November, which many towns and communities and the people in them come out to support their local teams. So with that I want to leave this and few events of my knowledge in the below typing..

Saturday, September 24th Princeton Autumnfest (all day), Saturday September 24th Pancake Breakfast at Sterling Drive In, Saturday September 24th at 4pm Welch Autumn Fest…
September 23rd-25th, Twin Falls State Park, Lumberjackin Bluegrassin Jamboree…
Saturday October 1st Bradshaw Fall Festival -all day
Saturday October 1st 2 til 8pm Southern WV Italian Festival
October 6th through October 10th WV National Trail Fest Gilbert WV…
Saturday October 8th Oktoberfest Bluefield City park..
Saturday October 8th Iaeger Octoberfeast. Iaeger WV…
Saturday October 15th Bridge Day WV in Fayette County, West Virginia..
Friday October 28th and Saturday October 29th, PMCCC Womens Expo at the Brushfork Armory
Please share events if anyone know of one in the local area McDowell, Mercer, Wyoming and Mingo counties and etc..

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McDowell County West Virginia Strong…

Growing up here in McDowell county and West Virginia, have showed me one thing. We are strong people, yes we do struggle but we remain strong rather with help of others or not we tend to overcome the odds..

We are sons and daughters and grandkids and in some cases now great grandkids of many who paved our ways.. The loggers, coal miners, growers, hunters, educators, police men, the house wife, and the business men and women who all paved our way.. We are and were taught to help one another, be kind to others, have compassion for your fellow man and woman here in McDowell county.. Of course things are different compare to days of our kin growing up here in McDowell county.. We grew to prosperous once compared and called little New York City for it buildings and population of over 100,000 people McDowell county once had.. Now with less the 20,000 people we are rediscovering ourselves, with the struggles we have today, probably not to far from the struggles our relatives had in finding and identifying what they wanted.. Yes coal, and timber and business might not be what it was 50 plus years ago no less 40 or 30 or 20 or 10 years..

Yes there are quite fewer of us compare to then, but we are still the miners, loggers, truck drivers, parents, teachers, business leader and so on that our families were that came here the past 200 plus years.. We are survivors as we have dealt with disasters of fires, floods and diseases and them struggles.. Yes after each we rebound and come back stronger then ever with hopes of making a great place for all.. Yes we are McDowell county and West Virginia strong, striving to thrive!

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US Congress Hopeful Matthew Detch visiting McDowell county

photo-3 photo-7

Last Friday, September 2nd, 2016, West Virginia 3rd Congressional District hopeful Matthew Detch (D) from Greenbrier County was in McDowell county walking door to door and doing some campaigning and canvassing for votes in the Coalwood area.. He was joined  by national/world wide media outlet  and interviewed on issues that face West Virginia, his district and particularly McDowell County..

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